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CARA Registry

Registration with CARA

Registration with CARA is required for certain firms of attorneys (including sole practitioners) to ensure compliance with Financial Action Task Force recommendations and the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (2018) Revision (as amended).  For the purposes of compliance with registration, CARA suggests each registrant completes the registration form using their best efforts. Where a registrant has not historically captured the requested data, they should provide best estimates of the information requested. Following completion of the registration period, each Registrant will be expected to implement processes to the data outlined in the registration form. Please email the registration form to CARA appreciates that the form is very detailed and will take some time for each registrant to complete. Any extension requests must be submitted to in which the reasons why the form cannot be submitted in time are clearly set out in detail. The CARA Board and/or Head of Supervision of CARA will carefully consider the merits your extension request.